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        The invention patent of Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd. obtained the patent certification issued by the State Intellectual Property Office
        Source: | Author:康輝石化 | date:2018-07-16 | 27186 Views: | Share:
        On July 3rd, 2018 the invention of Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd., "a slitting machine safety protection device and its protection circuit" obtained the patent certification issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. In addition, another invention patent "a filter disc" obtained a "registration procedures notice" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office on July 3rd and now completed the payment, waiting to issue certificates.
        In recent years, the company attaches great importance to the excavation of the patent at the same time to promote the enterprise's technological innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company will make the patent application targets according to the actual situation of each department at the beginning of the year. In view of the perplexity encountered by the technical personnel in the process of patent writing, the company invites professional personnel to train the technical personnel of each department systematically.
        Thanks to the attention of the company leaders to the intellectual property work and the cooperation of various departments, the number of patents authorized by the company is increasing and the quality is continuously improved. Up to now, the company has 26 authorized patents, of which 2 invent patents (including the invention patent for registration formalities), and 24 utility model patents.
        In the future, the company will continue to promote technological innovation, increase the protection of intellectual property rights and strive to increase the quantity and quality of the authorized patent to a new height.